Schnoozle and Schnozzle

Schnoozle and Schnozzle
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Schnoozle and Schnozzle
Holly Germaine Herrmann

Schnoozle and Schnozzle is the story of two young raccoons that make friends with two young children visiting from the city. They have a wonderful day together, but soon the children must leave.

Schnoozle and Schnozzle miss their friends and worry the children will forget them. They make the bold decision to go to the city to find them. This is their story.

About the Author

Holly Germaine Herrmann is a pianist and teacher who lives in Seattle with her husband. They have two children, Jamie and Zach, who remember the real Schnoozle and Schnozzle fondly. She enjoyed making up bedtime stories for her children when they were young, and this story was their favorite.

(2011, paperback, 34 pages)


Schnoozle and Schnozzle (PDF)
Schnoozle and Schnozzle (PDF)

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