Sane Insanity

Sane Insanity
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Sane Insanity
by Lloyd Taylor

Only but a lucky few can truly say that they are happy, content, and at ease with the cards life has dealt them. But for most of us out here in this point we call life, we have to face each and every day the challenges that can break anyone who falters far too often. For in this life, together with the good, we have to own up to its immeasurable unfairness, uncertainty, and unequivocal savagery.

In Sane Insanity, Lloyd Taylor uses his poetry to tackle the aspects of life that many of us are afraid to look hard into. Instead of using denial, he wrestles against these ugly issues head on, employing his words to pin them down and see them for what they really are: the might by which the savagery of this earth is dispensed, the uncertainty of every minute, the complex quagmire one has to traverse, and the insidious insanity in which we create a sense of tranquility and saneness.

About the Author

Lloyd Taylor is from Jamaica in the West Indies and he moved to New York. He is a skilled worker and a musician, and if not working, he spends his time reading books and nature watching.

(2012, paperback, 74 pages)


Sane Insanity (PDF)
Sane Insanity (PDF)

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