The Sandpipers

The Sandpipers
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The Sandpipers
by N.E. Fonyuyson

Our personal choices often conflict with the magnanimity with which building stable relationships require. Rose-Mary and her daughter, Angel, have, for the most part, lived as strangers to one another, treading separate self-destructive paths. They are only re-united by Rose-Mary’s eminent demise.

Rose-Mary, being the mother, carries most of the blame for their failed relationship. Such a responsibility as reconciliation, forgiveness, and unity cannot wipe out. What is needed is absolution—that all powerful deliverance which surpasses the mere idea of “forgive and be forgiven.”

In the end, it is Rose-Mary’s voice that redeems her. Her voice called Joshua to her. It is not him who seeks her. She is the author of her own cleansing. Joshua is a pawn. Rose-Mary dies in peace, fully aware of what treasure family is. Angel mourns and weeps not with sadness, not for her loss. She cries for that which she has gained: love. She falls in love with new consciousness. Again, Joshua is the agent of her rescue, the vessel, the message bearer.

About the Author

The author was born in 1979 in Buea, in the South West Region of Cameroon. Growing up in a warm family environment with more than half-a-dozen siblings has made family the most important thing to him. N.E Fonyuyson’s love for literature and writing began at an early age where he spent time writing poems and short stories. After his university degree and not finding stable employment, he took up studies with the Chartered Institute of Marketing. He presently studies a MBA with the Anglia Ruskin University, UK.

(2013, Paperback, 118 pages)


The Sandpipers E-Book
The Sandpipers E-Book

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