The Saga of Missy the Cat

The Saga of Missy the Cat
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The Saga of Missy the Cat
by Viola Smallwood

About the Book

It’s a cat’s life, and Missy is making the most of it! Missy is a cat like no other – frisky, curious, nosy, independent, and intelligent. Sometimes, it’s almost as if she were human! Missy loves to make trouble, but is always there for a cuddle afterward. Join Missy the cat as she recounts her daily adventures in the home of her keeper – you’ll never guess what she’ll get up to next!

About the Author

Viola Smallwood has spent most of her life working in the medical field as a nurse. After her retirement, she spent her time volunteering for several organizations and was very involved in her church’s activities. She now spends her time volunteering with the elderly, helping them complete daily tasks. Her cat, Missy, was left to her by one of the women she used to help. A native of Upperville, Virginia, Ms. Smallwood now resides in Miami, Florida.

(2014, Paperback, 36 pages)


The Saga of Missy the Cat (eBook)
The Saga of Missy the Cat (eBook)

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