Russia ‘n’ Roll!

Russia ‘n’ Roll!
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Russia ‘n’ Roll!
by Richard Hume

"Entertaining and informative, this is a perfect volume for fans of classic and international rock music." - Foreward Reviews
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Richard Hume is a British Teddy Boy who has loved and supported rock ‘n’ roll his entire life. He continues to organise free rock ‘n’ roll concerts and dance classes in Moscow, where he works as a school teacher. His monthly column, Russia ‘n’ Roll, can be found in the U.K. publication, “Maggie’s Blue Suede News.”

About the Author:

Reading like a love letter to classic rock ‘n’ roll, Richard Hume’s collection of work tells the stories of Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, and all the other original legends. In addition, Richard details—and sometimes leads the charge on—the Russian scene, proving that rock ‘n’ roll is not a purely Western phenomenon. Comprised of Richard’s columns from 2012-2015 published in “Maggie’s Blue Suede News,” the U.K.’s top rock ‘n’ roll magazine, this collection tells the great stories of truly special people; enjoyable for anyone, but especially those who love rock ‘n’ roll.

(2016, Paperback, 192 pages)


Russia ‘n’ Roll! [E-book]
Russia ‘n’ Roll! [E-book]

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