The Rose Parchment

The Rose Parchment
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The Rose Parchment
by Donald A. Reising

In The Rose Parchment, a young boy goes to the movies to see National Velvet, and his life is forever changed. Donald A Reising is this young boy, and he recounts how seeing Elizabeth Taylor on screen for the first time had a profound effect on him.

Through the years, he would see other films starring the rare beauty, and he describes how equally moved he is every time he sees her.

The Rose Parchment is a tribute to Taylor, who Reising believes exemplifies all that a woman should be: beautiful, kind, thoughtful, and warm.

He found some of these traits in his first love, Allure. And their sporadic encounters lead him to further contemplate the mystery and wonder of a woman’s love.

About the Author

Donald A. Reising is a retired maintenance worker living on Long Island. He has one son, Steven. Reising’s hobbies include Antique Cars, and is also an accomplished Musician composing his own songs. Donald A. Reising is a maintenance worker and has worked in the same building for thirty years. Donald has been out for the past year due to an injury at work. Living on Long Island.

(2009, paperback, 34 pages)


The Rose Parchment (e-book)
The Rose Parchment (e-book)

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