The Rose Garden: A Book of Poetry

The Rose Garden: A Book of Poetry
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The Rose Garden: A Book of Poetry
by Dena Lynn Sample

The Rose Garden is author Dena Lynn Sample’s discovery of who she is, and now she has a heart again. She hopes this book will bring you happiness, too, and you never forget the meaning of womanhood.

Roses grow in many colors, like red, yellow, and white. They are gathered from the garden. All are beautiful, like a woman, and belong in a bouquet.

Delve into this wonderful expression of womanhood, where each poem has the setting of a rose garden, dedicated to women.

About the Author:

Dena Lynn Sample graduated from Seguin High School in 1987, studying the fine arts. She has been writing poetry since she was a child. “The Rose Garden,” which is included in this book, was the first poem she ever wrote. She now resides in Kingsbury, Texas.

(2016, Hardcover, 42 pages)


The Rose Garden: A Book of Poetry (e-book)
The Rose Garden: A Book of Poetry (e-book)

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