Rosemary and Despair: Love and Tragedy

Rosemary and Despair: Love and Tragedy
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Rosemary and Despair: Love and Tragedy
by Eric Pellinen

Ronnie Filbert is a good kid. He’s a straight-A student in high school, and he has his own small circle of friends. He stays out of trouble. He doesn’t drink or do drugs. In fact, Ronnie doesn’t even have a girlfriend. Then he meets Rosemary, and everything changes.

Ronnie remembers his childhood days playing with Rosemary, who used to live in his neighborhood, but neither of them are children anymore. Ronnie quickly becomes intimate with Rosemary, and she leads him down a path of intense emotion, compounded by alcohol, drugs, and erotic sex. Ronnie’s world becomes confusing. His feelings for Rosemary are deep, but at the same time, he begins experiencing other feelings that are new to him, feelings that are anything but positive. Maybe the bad feelings have been there all along, buried somewhere deep in his psyche, but Ronnie Filbert discovers he has a dark side—and it needs to be explored.

About the Author

Eric Pellinen is single and a native of California. He enjoys reading, watching movies, and listening to heavy metal music. Pellinen discovered his talent for writing after his sister gave him a ledger to record his thoughts and ideas. This is his first publication.

(2012, paperback, 126 pages)


Rosemary and Despair: Love and Tragedy (PDF)
Rosemary and Despair: Love and Tragedy (PDF)

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