The Rican

The Rican
Item# 978-0-8059-6765-4

by Liz Mendoza

The Rican
offers a candid and revealing account of one young womanís struggle to reconcile her relationship with her family with the dreams she has for her life.

The challenges of poverty, abuse, and neglect characterized the authorís childhood, yet she found the strength in the love that endured such circumstances and drew on her own inner resources to break the cycle and create a new life for herself in New York. From reflections on faith and sexuality to portrayals of family and community interactions, Liz Mendoza offers her experiences in a fresh and direct narrative that brings the reader into her life with a sense of immediacy and empathy.

The Rican shares a womanís coming-of-age experience in a dynamic and engaging revelation.


Liz Mendoza is a native of Puerto Rico and currently resides in New York with her son, Jaime Aponte Jr. She is employed in the pharmaceutical and nutritionals industry and enjoys poetry, writing lyrics, and taking what she describes as "long drives by myself for meditation."

A graduate of the Connecticut Schools of Broadcasting, Ms. Mendoza is also the author of The AM Hours.

(2005, paperback, 56 pages)


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