Rhymes of Passion, Songs of Soul: A Road Map

Rhymes of Passion, Songs of Soul: A Road Map
Item# 978-0-8059-7484-3

by Stanley Harrison McClain

Today has come a long, long way to create with you.
Be humble in strength
With its gift of the rising light;
Welcome its welcome of your heart’s blossoming smile
Be grateful for the power
Of recognition’s might.

The poignant words dancing on the pages of this masterpiece are a delicate touch to the inspiration we all seek in our lives. Stan McClain brings them to us in this stunning array of verse called Rhymes of Passion, Songs of Soul (A Road Map). Though it is not yet clear what will become of our destinies, it is clear we should not have fear, for God is never absent from the road map of our lives.


Stan McClain was born in Indiana in 1953. His first experience was asking for truth – wanting to know what “this” was all about. The pursuit of true knowledge has been the sometimes blurred yet constant connecting cord binding all the “chapters” of his life.

(2007, paperback, 42 pages)


Rhymes of Passion, Songs of Soul: A Road Map [E-book edition]
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