Remember Why You Teach: Reflections for the Journey

Remember Why You Teach: Reflections for the Journey
Item# 978-0-8059-6922-1

by Alison C. Johns

The world of the teacher may not be familiar to some of us. We can only imagine the challenges that teachers face and the difficulties they struggle with. Now in this series of charming and upbeat vignettes Alison Johns lifts a corner of the curtain and gives us a glimpse of what that world is really like. She reveals her own philosophy of life, which makes her job not only rewarding but enjoyable. One of the most striking aspects of these vignettes is the warm camaraderie and strong personal bonds between the staff. By the end of the book you too will understand that Alison’s philosophy of education acknowledges, “Teaching is a journey of the soul and it’s really all about the kids.”


Alison C. Johns is an administrator in the Clovis Unified School District in Clovis, California. She holds a B.A. in liberal studies and an M.A. in Education-Reading/Language Arts, as well as her Administrative Credential. She is active in the American Cancer Society’s Clovis Relay for Life and is a volunteer at Children’s Hospital Central California.

When Alison isn’t working she enjoys spending time with friends and family, especially her children Tyler and Randi. Alison also likes to write, read, cook, travel, and hike.

(2006, paperback, 66 pages)


Remember Why You Teach: Reflections for the Journey [E-book edition]
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Reader Review
“It is my hope that, although these ‘Captain’s Logs’ were written for the ‘Sierra Vista Crew,’ all may find inspiration, consolation, insight and comfort in their messages,” said Johns.

--CUSD Today, February 20, 2006, Page 4

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