Rednecks: There's a New Sheriff in Town

Rednecks: There's a New Sheriff in Town
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Rednecks: There's a New Sheriff in Town
by Lez Bromfield

Who are the “Rednecks” specifically? Lez Bromfield’s Rednecks: There’s a New Sheriff in Town is an amusing work drawn from the historical events of the settlers in America and the colonists that settled in South Africa. He describes the shared ancestry of many of these people and explores both the similarities and the differences in their lives today, as he sets forth the challenge to determine the “real” Rednecks in this world.

Much of his knowledge comes from his own trials and tribulations with bureaucracy involved in order to immigrate to the USA and become an American Citizen. Ostensibly written tongue-in-cheek, he magically weaves a multitude of entertaining tidbits with details garnered from his own experiences along the way.

While this tale was written to entertain, you will certainly be enlightened by the historical gems from the beguiling country of South Africa that are presented to you on these pages.

About the Author

Lez Bromfield is a native of South Africa now residing in Mt. Gilead, NC, with his wife, Lynell; he has three married sons and five grandchildren.

A former rugby player, educated in South Africa, he received several engineering certificates. After holding several management positions in the Metal Fabricating Industry, he resigned to pursue entrepreneurial interests including those as a private pilot, stunt man, dirt track and stock car racer, and a speaker on ‘The South African Experience.’

He speaks several languages and enjoys travel, reading, good music, and live entertainment.

(2012, paperback, 222 pages)


Rednecks: There's a New Sheriff in Town (PDF)
Rednecks: There's a New Sheriff in Town (PDF)

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