This complex exploration of Christism as a higher form of religion examines elements of the nature of mankind, morality, faith, immortality, and physical and spiritual realities.
Save the Adults and You Save the Children: How I, a Human Feel
This inspiring book shares the author's ideas for creating prosperity through the expression of love.
This enlightening study shows how proof of God is all around us, so much so that even those individuals with scientific leanings can find the facts of His existence.
Discourse on the topic of healing from a biblical perspective, focusing on attitudes toward affliction and promises God made in the Bible.
Build Your House: Remember the Mother of Ezekiel
Through anecdotes, letters, and reflections, Butler describes her exploration of spiritual understanding.
Explains how life as we know it can only be a gift from God.
The Magdala Connection
This insightful book examines the role of Mary Magdalene and her role in the formation of Christian beliefs.
God's Great Creation
God's will and timeless morals are discussed as essential elements in modern day living.
Exploration of Scripture in light of various methods of biblical interpretation.
One Woman's Faith
A woman survives a pain-filled life with the comfort from a personal relationship with God.
Life's difficulties are actually part of the road to the kingdom of God.
Just Like Us: Revelations of the Biblical Story of the Downfall of the Black Race
A scholarly yet impassioned study of the Bible's Afro-Asiatic roots.
Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread: We Ask Your Blessings Upon It
A lovely collection of pre-meal blessings and prayers.
The Secret to Perfect Living
The author explains how to avoid temptation and stay on the path to righteousness in this powerful book.

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