The Relevant Constitution

The Relevant Constitution
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The Relevant Constitution
by Jeanne Kennedy Bradford

In a country as prosperous and free as America, the rights of the people may often be taken for granted. Some are not aware of the extent of the liberty that they enjoy, and others do not know how these freedoms came to be.

In The Relevant Constitution, Jeanne Kennedy Bradford offers insight into both America’s history and the Bill of Rights. She offers an alternative approach to how the past should be taught and understood, and seeks to educate United States citizens about the rights and freedoms that are seamlessly woven into American life. In doing so, Bradford reminds us of the advantages that democracy has to offer.

About the Author

Jeanne Kennedy Bradford lives in Murrieta, California, with her son, Nicholas. She is a retired schoolteacher.

(2011, paperback, 44 pages)


The Relevant Constitution (PDF)
The Relevant Constitution (PDF)

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