Raiding on the Prairie: A Lost Vision of Glory

Raiding on the Prairie:  A Lost Vision of Glory
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Raiding on the Prairie
By Anthony R. McGinnis, Ph.D.

Boy Flies High is a young Absarokee Crow Indian who intensely dreams of becoming a great warrior. A few moons of excellent record in countless war and horse stealing parties, as well as a mounting collection of scalps, ensure he becomes that. It was the time before the white man had finally held sway of the land. Now known as Stays Behind, the man makes the most of his abilities, blazing the old hunting grounds with feats few of his kind has seen or matched hence. Yet, the fiercely loyal warrior and loving family man is racing against time, when the old ways are being challenged by those not of his kind, while making the best of his land. Amid all these, Stays Behind will mark his time. There can only be one way for him, so while the cloud of uncertainty beckons for his people, he will make one last stand. There is, after all, no other way for the man who embraces nothing of the encroaching ways and chooses instead to…Stay Behind.

About the Author

Anthony R. McGinnis is a retired historian and teacher who taught at Boulder High School and the University of Colorado. He already has one book published with the title Counting Coups and Cutting Horses. He is married with three children and five grandchildren.

(2013, Paperback, 214 pages)


Raiding on the Prairie:  A Lost Vision of Glory E-Book
Raiding on the Prairie: A Lost Vision of Glory E-Book

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