Pure Thoughts

Pure Thoughts
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Pure Thoughts
by Joseph Swain Jr.

An inspiring and uplifting journey into the author’s mind, Pure Thoughts is an expression of Joseph Swain Jr.’s awakening after finding God.

Joe struggled with an alcohol addiction for most of his adolescent and young adulthood, but now he is proud to say he has been sober for the past twenty-three years. While in a mental health day treatment center, Joe discovered his passion for writing poetry during one of the writing classes. Through all of his struggles, Joe’s motto has always been to be positive, no matter how much negativity is around him.

“I believe one day all of us who are seeking the truth can have a chance to live in Paradise serving the true God,” he says. “Let’s bring the races together to live in peace. By being the best I can be, I can say I was a part of bringing people together. No matter what this life hands to me, good or bad, I always try to have pure thoughts.”

About the Author:

Joseph Swain Jr. has had a passion for the English language ever since he was a child, but his inspiration to write blossomed later in his life. Joe also comes from a musical family; Phillip Dorrah, played guitar in the world-famous group “The Hesitation.” Being surrounded by music allowed him to learn how to play six different instruments by ear.

Joe lives in Wickliffe, Ohio, with his wife.

(2015, Paperback, 48 pages)


Pure Thoughts [E-book]
Pure Thoughts [E-book]

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