The Private War of Private Miller: Reflections of a Marine Corps Conscript

The Private War of Private Miller: Reflections of a Marine Corps Conscript
Item# 978-0-8059-7720-2

by Glen Millar

As a Vietnam-era veteran, Glen Millar reveals to us stories of his youth, conscription by the Marine Corps, and his military experiences, followed by stories of his life thereafter and a look at the changed world in which he then lived.

Being the unwilling conscript, the stories of when Glen was in boot camp are very intense, both physically and mentally, reflecting the torments and struggles in his young mind as he deals with his captive and servile state. Yet good fortune smiles on the young man, and he is not sent to Vietnam. Though the bitterness in Glen’s heart never dissipates, he recognizes the positive aspects of the Corps: bonding with his friends.

Concluding with a series of strongly worded essays on war, conscription, and leadership, he argues that conscription is an evil institution and fifty-eight thousand young American lives were wasted in Vietnam. The Private War of Private Miller is an eye-opener to those who place blind trust in government. It is a warning to the youth of today and the generations to follow.


Glen Millar did his best to try to forget the anguish he experienced in the two years he spent in the Marine Corps, but in 1998, those memories resurfaced when he was listening to a radio host “deliver a passionate criticism on that foolish war.” The stirred memories not leaving him, he decided to write them down.

Glen received his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Temple University in 1982, and he is currently an accountant in San Francisco, California. As he tells us, his book is “the anti-conscription hammer that smashes the pro-conscription myths and arguments.”

(2008, paperback, 288 pages)

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