Presence: A True Story

Presence: A True Story
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Presence: A True Story
Patrice Kenner RedEarth

Follow the true story of Patrice Kenner RedEarth, a simple and loving woman turned police detective. Her faith has helped her endure the losses of many: her mother, father, and brother, all of whom she loved.

She is a brave woman and one who is bounded to do Godís work by spreading love anywhere she can, but there is a new struggle. The question is, can Patrice and her faith persevere through that which might be the toughest loss of her life: the loss of her beloved husband.

In a period of seven years, Patrice has already lost twenty-plus close family members and friends. Through Godís love and faith, she has persevered.

About the Author

Patrice Kenner RedEarth earned her A.S. in Criminal Justice at Aims Community College in Greeley, Colorado. She graduated Parks College, Aims College Police Academy, University of Colorado - Sociology. She is the director of the Jasmine Foundation, an organization devoted to preventing early childhood abuse. She has a diversified employment history.

Patrice was inspired by her walks both with her husband, Danny, and with God to write Presence. She has sensed Jesus Christís presence in her life since age four and has always wanted to share her story based on her experiences with him.

The book cover is of my beloved Danny.

The graphic artist is Sierra Duran. The photo of me was taken by Kathy Goode.

(2009, paperback, 88 pages)


Presence: A True Story (e-book)
Presence: A True Story (e-book)

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Reader Review of Presence
Reader Review of Presence
5.0 out of 5 stars Wyoming, July 8, 2009 By B. Rust (Sheridan, WY USA)

I do not usually read non-fiction but this book was recommended to me. While reading these moving words I laughed and cried - sometimes both at the same time. I found the author to be a strong woman who is to be admired. Anyone reading this book will come away with a good uplifting feeling. Enjoy!!!

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