The Promise Ring

The Promise Ring
Item# 978-0-8059-7365-5

by D.J. Stutzman

Before Keisuke moved from Sakimotobu to Osaka, Japan he gave his best friend, Momiji, a promise ring. The ring was given to him by his grandmother and is said to have great healing powers, through the soul of a Phoenix trapped inside its beautiful ruby. Now, years later, Keisuke desperately returns to Sakimotobu to get the ring back. His mother is sick with a rare disease and the ring represents her only chance of survival. When he sees Momiji, after all those years, his love for her is as strong as ever. But why is she refusing the return the ring? In this gripping story, Keisuke pleads his case and desperately begs for the ring, as his mother helplessly lay dying in Osaka. His only hope lies in the legend of the ring and his faith in an old friend.


D.J. Stutzman is an art teacher and graphic design assistant in West Haven, Connecticut. He has a BA in Studio Art with a minor in Japanese from Southern Connecticut State University. D.J. enjoys photography, animation, and travelling. He was inspired to write The Promise Ring as he reflected on a classmate’s ring one day during a college writing course.

(2007, paperback, 40 pages)


The Promise Ring [E-book edition]
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