Princess Bellarina

Princess Bellarina
Item# 978-0-8059-6906-1

by Marilyn Obsuna

Princess Bellarina depicts a moving story that revolves around the battle between good and evil. Although evil nearly prevails, the forces of love and virtue provide the title character with both motivation and determination.

Princess Bellarina, cursed by the Duchess Magda and thwarted by the jealous plotting of Alyssel, the duchess’s daughter, finds herself alone and removed from the love of her family and her fiancée, Prince Rainiel. She is faced with the daunting challenge of reclaiming not only her own beauty and her position in the Kingdom of Clodia, but also the love of her life. With the entire kingdom under the power of Duchess Magda’s black magic, the future of the land rests on the shoulders of the princess. This brave young woman, with the help of her new friends, proves that the power of love is strong enough to overcome the greatest forces of evil.

Princess Bellarina is an engaging and innovative fairy tale that celebrates the fundamental strength of a woman’s love.


Marilyn M. Obsuna is a native of the Philippines and now resides in California, where she works in the optical services industry. The author is a graduate of Saint Louis University.

A member of the International Society of Poets, Ms. Obsuna’s interests include music and reading. Princess Bellarina is her first published book.

(2007, paperback, 72 pages)


Princess Bellarina [E-book edition]
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