Poetry of My Life-2: Open Your Eyes and See

Poetry of My Life-2: Open Your Eyes and See
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Poetry of My Life-2: Open Your Eyes and See
by Ovella Blackmon

Use my mind, my feet, and my hands, because if anybody can do this,
Lord, you must believe I can. Because as long as I have you with me,
Nothing can be a match. Thatís why I will cling to you forever,
And forever stay attached.

Ovella Blackmon has faced heartbreak, numerous tests of faith, an alcohol and drug addiction, and an abusive father. Follow her inspiring life journey in this collection of poetry on love, hope, and, above all, faith in God.

Hiding from Daddyís rage behind curtains and, later, an alcohol and drug addiction, Ovella is searching for healing for herself, her siblings, and others. During her lifelong quest for spirituality, she concludes itís only God who can make her stand up straight, because no one else has enough power to deal with her problems, not even herself. The poems in this collection are testaments to both Ovellaís irrepressible resolve to find herself, and her unmovable faith in God.

About the Author

Ms. Blackmon enjoys studying Godís word, cooking, spending time with her grandchildren, and music. She is also the author of Poetry of My Life and the co-director of the recovery ministry at her church, NBBC.

(2009, paperback, 44 pages)


Poetry of My Life-2: Open Your Eyes and See (e-book)
Poetry of My Life-2: Open Your Eyes and See (e-book)

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