Poems from the Eyes of My Mind

Poems from the Eyes of My Mind
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Poems from the Eyes of My Mind
by Frank Verso

Poems from the Eyes of My Mind is a collection of poems focusing on the heavy, emotional situations that occur throughout life.

Dealing with tough topics such as breakups, abusive relationships, and the loss of a beloved pet and friend, Poems from the Eyes of My Mind challenges the reader with raw emotion.

A combination of rhyming couplets and free verse, these poems offer a unique reflection upon life and choices through the eyes of a relatable narrator.

About the Book

Frank Verso currently resides in Cheektowaga, New York, with his wife, Rita. A native of New York, he attended State University College at Buffalo and majored in special education. He also has a Captain's license and was a US. Merchant Marine Officer. In his spare time, he enjoys playing music on a variety of instruments, including the keyboard, guitar, and drums.

Also, Mr. Verso operates The Excalibur, which is a boat that is dedicated to providing cost-free boating and fishing for the disabled and disadvantaged on Lake Erie. His inspiration for this collection of poems came from his lifelong love of poetry.

(2012, paperback, 62 pages)


Poems from the Eyes of My Mind (PDF)
Poems from the Eyes of My Mind (PDF)

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