Poems to Be Songs

Poems to Be Songs
Item# 978-0-8059-6713-5

by Vincent E. Fondren

Not just a poet, but a songwriter as well, Vincent E. Fondren offers his first collection of musically based verse in Poems to Be Songs. As the title suggests, not only is this heartfelt and evocative poetry, this is verse in which you can hear the music in your mind’s ear as you delve into his emotions and thoughts on a variety of subjects.

Smashing the standard boundaries that often divide musical and poetic genres, Vincent E. Fondren offers his viewpoint on God in “Flowers from Heaven” and “I’m Reading the Bible”; society in “This Is My Town” and “Diamond Dog”; nature in “Stop the Rain in California” and “The Texas Cowboy”; mankind in general in “She’s a Flower Child” and “Just Another Wannabe.”

By turns pensive, joyful, proud, and heart wrenching, Vincent E. Fondren’s Poems to Be Songs is equally at home on the bookshelf and music stand.


A native of Alabama, Vincent E. Fondren has resided in Denver, Colorado, for the past twenty years, where he is employed by Ross Dress for Less. In his spare time he enjoys writing poems and songs.

(2006, paperback, 64 pages)

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