Poetry by Naita: A Journey to Restoration

Poetry by Naita: A Journey to Restoration
Item# 978-0-8059-7216-0

by Naita Wimbush Saunders

To whom do you turn when going through a difficult situation? Who do you trust to support you in times of pain, sorrow, loneliness, and confusion? At the young age of twenty-eight, Naita Wimbush Saunders began to experience health problems that plagued her for over a decade. Through the many surgeries, months of hospitalization, and painful rehabilitation, Naita was surrounded by excellent medical staff, loving family, supportive church, and friends. Naita found her only true and complete strength and peace, however, in God. Her struggles became lighter through God’s love and compassion, which was uncompromised and unwavering. He provided all that she needed, both physically and spiritually, even when she was unable to ask for it. Poetry by Naita: A Journey to Restoration is the product of Naita Wimbush Saunder’s struggle with liver disease. Her powerful and honest words are a testimony to the power of God to stand by those in need and restore them to health and wholeness.


A native of Brandywine, Maryland, Naita Wimbush Saunders is a self-employed writer. Through her company, “Poetry by Naita,” she produces personalized poetry greeting cards. She and her husband Charles Edward Saunders now live in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Naita is a member of the Largo Community Church. In her spare time, she enjoys liturgical dancing, Bible study and writing poetry. Poetry by Naita: A Journey to Restoration is her first published book.

(2007, paperback, 100 pages)


Poetry by Naita: A Journey to Restoration [E-book edition]
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