Poems and Philosophic Musings

Poems and Philosophic Musings
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Poems and Philosophic Musings
by Gary D. Ribble

Have you ever stopped to ponder the mysteries of life and your purpose in God’s plan for this world? The thought-provoking verse of Poems and Philosophic Musings, by Gary D. Ribble, reflects the author’s lifelong quest to extract meaning from this life. His words encourage his reader to live life to its fullest and love completely, while always remembering our actions today determine our ultimate fate. He believes that God is pleased with those who follow His commands and recognize the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ. And even if we fall today or fail to understand the ultimate consequence of our actions, we can always repent and work toward the ultimate good, securing our eternal fate of light and happiness, instead of darkness and pain. Read Poems and Philosophic Musings, by Gary D. Ribble, to challenge your perceptions and reflect on the path of your own life.

About the Author

Gary Ribble graduated from high school in Edgemont, SD, in 1956. He attended Bible College at Central Bible Institute and Seminary in Springfield, MO, for one year and two years at North Central Bible College in Minneapolis, MN. He had planned to enter the ministry but his plans were changed.

Poems and Philosophical Musings was written in his twenties, and the Christian-theme poems were written in his thirties. He joined Toastmasters for a while and won the “Best Speaker” award for a speech about his then-puppy, Max, a chocolate lab.

Gary enjoys taking videos of special events, family and grandchildren visits, and other occasions.

Gary currently resides with his wife, Cathy, and his chocolate lab in St. Paul, MN.

(2011, paperback, 94 pages)


Poems and Philosophic Musings (PDF)
Poems and Philosophic Musings (PDF)

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