The Pirate Who Couldn't Name Her Ship

The Pirate Who Couldn't Name Her Ship
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The Pirate Who Couldn’t Name Her Ship
by Sara Sutton

Young Captain Jane and her motley crew of characters have embarked on an adventure, but as they near their treasure, they realize they have forgotten a most important detail. They’ve forgotten to name their ship! What is a pirate’s ship without a name?

The Jolly Roger is taken by Captain Hook and Redbeard has his mark on nearly everything in the book. So what does that leave for Captain Jane? She needs something original to stake her claim

About the Author:

Sara Sutton is a fulltime student in Milton, Georgia. She is an avid reader, rarely seen without a book in hand. Sara has always been passionate about writing and aspired to become a published author as early as the second grade. The Pirate Who Couldn’t Name Her Ship is her first published book.

Sara lives in a full home with a younger sister, older brother, two dogs, and a cat. She is extremely grateful for the support of her loving family who helped to make her dreams of publication a reality.

As a child, Sara was also inspired by the freedom of a pirate’s life. She hopes The Pirate Who Couldn’t Name Her Ship will inspire creativity and a freedom of spirit in the next generation.

About the Illustrator:

Joanna Pasek resides in Karkow, Poland. Although educated as an architect, she has turned her passion for art into a career as an illustrator.

(2015, Hardcover, 32 pages)


The Pirate Who Couldn't Name Her Ship [E-book]
The Pirate Who Couldn't Name Her Ship [E-book]

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