Pine Leechers

Pine Leechers
Item# 978-0-8059-7129-3

by John Joseph Spencer, Jr.

Pine Leechers explores the reaction of individuals in a sleepy little town when their community is abruptly and tragically awakened by the arrival of a destructive alien species. The townsfolk thrust to the forefront of this unexpected battle for survival are soon being attacked from all sides and are forced to take a stand to overcome the threat. John Spencer, Jr. examines the multiple facets of this conflict – good versus evil, human versus alien, man versus man – through an intriguing story in which the characters learn to live in a reality defined by survival of the fittest.

The future of this tiny community, Earth, and humanity’s standing in this ever-expanding universe is at stake. The threat is now at our doorstep and forcing itself inside. The line has been drawn, and this little town is the frontline. Will we go out with a whimper or with a fight? Will we earn ourselves a place among the stars, or will humans become extinct in the face of the Pine Leechers?


John Spencer, Jr. is a native and lifelong resident of Western New York, where he graduated from Silver Creek Central School. Among his numerous and varied interests, he enjoys fishing, hiking, landscaping, cooking, attending space-related lectures and presentations, meeting new and interesting people, reading, studying Asian cultures and languages, woodcraft, and NFL football. Pine Leechers is his first published book.

(2006, paperback, 170 pages)


Pine Leechers [E-book edition]
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