Perfecciona tu Inglés Partículas en Acción I

Perfecciona tu Inglés Partículas en Acción I
Item# 978-0-8059-7464-5

by Hugo Murillo Benich and Anabelle Montecinos Vargas

The use and translation of English particles for Spanish speakers can be very difficult, and Hugo Murillo Benich and Annabelle Montecinos Vargas sought out a book to teach this. When they had trouble finding one, they decided to compile this – a Spanish-to-English description of difficult English particles (articles, prepositions, adverbs) with examples followed by practice exercises.

Even though learners of the English language may use an adequate vocabulary, because of incorrect usage of the particles, their speech remains inaccurate. Perfecciona tu Inglés Partículas en Acción I, gives you one-on-one attention in helping make the learning of another language a little easier.


Hugo Murillo Benich is an engineer and writer from Bolivia who belongs to the Unión Nacional de Poetas y Escritores and the Consejo Nacional de Ingeniería in Bolivia. Other books include Paraíso and Cánticos Impíos, both for which he has won first prize.

Anabelle Montecinos Vargas is also and engineer from Bolivia who enjoys reading, painting, and gardening. She is a member of the Sociedad de Ingenieros de Bolivia.

(2007, paperback, 620 pages)

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