Origins of Humans and their Religions

Origins of Humans and their Religions
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Origins of Humans and their Religions
by Edward Ronald French, Ph.D.

Notwithstanding the legitimacy of some, there presently are more religions than there have ever been; most likely more than anyone back then may have thought there could ever be. To try to understand or figure out how, from where, or from what each one came to be is daunting to even simply consider. The best way to do so, as the saying goes, is to start at the beginning.

In Origins of Humans and Their Religions by Edward R. French, the author retraces the history of religion itself, from the inception of Indian religions and philosophies in approximately 3200 B.C until the inception of Bahaism in mid-1800s. To apparently paint a more vivid picture of the aforementioned topic, the author also discusses the topics of "indigenous beliefs," "nonreligious beliefs," "minor beliefs," and explains how he claims the "ailing world" can be "saved."

In a world where the intolerance of adherents to different religions persistently grows, Dr. French's work inspires hope for the future, where better and deeper understanding of each religion is possible, paving the way for acceptance of every religion by everyone.

(2013, paperback, 484 pages)


Origins of Humans and their Religions (eBook)
Origins of Humans and their Religions (eBook)

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