The Order

The Order
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The Order
by Lynn Chase

"[a]n ambitious and complex Christian thriller." - Foreward Reviews
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The Order is a wonderful depiction of the children of God and how even though we are all very different, we are similar in ways to His angels. The Lord doesnít judge us based on who we are, but instead on the choices we make. God has a plan for us, no matter what our past is.

About the Author

Lynn Chase comes from a small town in Texas. He is the father of three children: two girls and a boy. His hobbies include reading, spending time with his kids, watching movies, and playing video games. The Order came to him while he was actually writing another book. He decided to pursue it since the Lord called him to do so. He wants to share the Fatherís love for us with others, especially those who feel they arenít worthy of it.

(2014, Paperback, 270 pages)


The Order [E-Book]
The Order [E-Book]

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