Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes
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Open Your Eyes
by D.J. Barker-Walker

Recently divorced and with four children, Debbie knows that another relationship is the last of her priorities. When she encounters Bruce during a visit to her friend, Al, she ignores his charms, wary of his similarities with her ex, Michael.

Bruce, on the other hand, finds himself fully intrigued by Debbie. For the next few months of his life, Debbie becomes almost an obsession, but she is proving to be unlike all the women in his life.

Additionally, Bruce not only also has to pay heed to people against his pursuit of Debbie, which includes his mom and his best friend, but he also has to deal with Michael, who shows he is not the easiest person to be done with.

About the Author: D.J. Barker-Walker is a proud wife, mother of five children, and grand­mother of four. She is currently pursuing her master's degree in Marriage and Family Counseling. As an active member of a Born Again Christian church, she started a group that aims to help women better themselves and their lives. Other than her family, church activities, and school, she also runs a home and business cleaning services for more than twenty years now.

(2015, Paperback, 290 pages)


Open Your Eyes [E-BOOK]
Open Your Eyes [E-BOOK]

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