Once Upon a Starry Night

Once Upon a Starry Night
Item# 978-0-8059-7141-5

by Sara E. Teller

Once Upon a Starry Night explores the fallacies and realities of human life, highlighting the importance of realizing that one’s future is unpredictable and that daydreams, while providing one with hope of what’s to come, may never substantiate.

Jessica Foghart knows this all too well. As a single mother of her precious daughter Alexis, Jessica finds herself struggling with the one thing she was ever sure of – her love for Aaron, the father of her child. Aaron’s complacent choice of abandoning her and his daughter before his discovery of the pregnancy leaves Jessica with questions she may never answer. She begs for the night to arrive in hopes that she may finish her book – which might give her the closure she never received from her first love….

Once Upon a Starry Night emphasizes the ability of daydreams to alter one’s sanity – making one stay sane and go insane. Adapting to the realities of one’s future is key because life isn’t simply a fairytale, and sometimes one must learn to let go – without giving up.


Sara E. Teller grew up in Armada, Michigan, but she currently resides in Mount Prospect, Illinois. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in General Management from Michigan State University and is an Associate Acquisitions Editor for Publications International, Ltd. Sara enjoys writing everything from news columns for magazines and newspapers to poetry, short stories, and novels, some of which she has had published. She was inspired to write Once Upon a Starry Night just before her twenty-first birthday in 2003, after the “emotional rollers coaster of [her] first experience with love.”

(2006, paperback, 68 pages)


Once Upon a Starry Night [E-book edition]
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