One Cookie, One Mommy

One Cookie, One Mommy
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One Cookie, One Mommy
by Cheryl L. Burm

One Cookie, One Mommy is a message to mothers of multiples. Written by a mother of twins, One Cookie, One Mommy answers the question of how to handle the special type of attention needed for raising multiples. When asked about the difficulty of raising multiples, author Cheryl L. Burm explains, "Often, it is still one baby at a time." One Cookie, One Mommy is an example of an instance where it is not "one baby at a time."

This story, with its subtle lesson on sharing, is for mothers of multiples (or singles) where it is the duty of the mother to solve the dilemma of the moment without disappointing your children. One Cookie, One Mommy is sure to charm and comfort. Be sure to have a cookie at hand when pulling this delightful book off the shelf!

About the Author: Cheryl L. Burm is a practicing real estate attorney living on the east coast of sunny Florida with her handsome twin boys, who inspired One Cookie, One Mommy. Motherhood has made her an avid reader of children's books, especially those portraying twins. Having found an insufficient number of children's books depicting twins, during her brief periods of free time she writes a growing collection of children's books accentuating twins.

(2015, Paperback, 28 pages)


One Cookie, One Mommy
One Cookie, One Mommy

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