Oh! What God Can Do!

Oh! What God Can Do!
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Oh! What God Can Do! - Touching Stories of Faith an Encouragement
by Gertie Max

Gertie Max has lived a life of service to others. A dedicated wife, mother, and award-winning teacher, she credits God with providing her the strength and balance she needs to make a difference in the world. The power of prayer has enriched her life and the lives of those she meets, both in and out of the classroom.

In Oh! What God Can Do! Gertie shares some very personal memories from her uniquely successful life. From her youth to her professional life and beyond, Gertie sees God’s hand at work, and she shares the lessons she learned from her experiences.

Join Gertie as she remembers those pivotal moments in her life when God’s presence was felt, clear and strong. Her stories will make you laugh, shed a tear—and will inspire you to reflect on God’s influence in your own life.

About the Author

Gertie Max lives in Kansas with her husband, Marvin. They have two grown children and six grandchildren. Gertie has spent thirty years as a teacher, both in the public school system and through her own successful programs and curriculum. She enjoys continuing to teach in her private classroom and being involved in church activities.

(2010, hardcover, 56 pages)


Oh! What God Can Do! (PDF ebook)
Oh! What God Can Do! (PDF ebook)

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Oh! What God Can Do! (ePub)
Oh! What God Can Do! (ePub)

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