No Interest

No Interest
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No Interest
by John Nicholas Westpfahl

Financial times are really tough, especially when it strikes your entire family.

But for the Millers, it was just about time to stop using their credit cards and start to downgrade their lifestyle somehow in order to save their family. After selling all their precious appliances and moved to a cheaper house, they met the Walker family, who, like them, were having difficult financial struggles.

So everything went well and the two families became friends. The kids also had new grandparents, Mabel and Louie, who were always there helping the families make the best decisions. Now there was a happy extended family.

The Walkers eventually have their dream farm, and the Millers were able to keep up with their finances—all done without paying interest to the bank. Good things were happening.

No Interest, by John Nicholas Westpfahl, is about making the best financial decisions and doing what you love.

About the Author

John Nicholas Westpfahl was born in Pennsylvania but spent most of his life in New York. He moved to North Carolina six years ago and now enjoys his retirement years in Jamesville doing woodworks, sailing, and traveling.

(2012, paperback, 304 pages)


No Interest (PDF)
No Interest (PDF)

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