Nineteen Years of Living Hell

Nineteen Years of Living Hell
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Nineteen Years of Living Hell
by Joy A. Allen

Do you ever feel like no one is listening or paying any attention to you? Joy A. Allen often felt alone and forgotten in her marriage to husband Ed. The two met while Joy was still in high school, and they decided to get married soon after, despite reservations expressed by Joy’s parents. The young couple then chose to move in with Ed’s family, effectively isolating Joy from her mother and father. While Ed worked, Joy’s task was to keep the home for her demanding husband and ungrateful in-laws. In turn, Ed made all the family’s day-to-day decisions and spent all the family’s money on drinking, partying, and useless purchases, even when Joy was pregnant or sick. As time progressed, Ed got even less attentive, engaging in affairs and further neglecting the needs of Joy and their children.

In Nineteen Years of Living Hell, Joy A. Allen tells of her abusive marriage and family situation. Joy shares her story to help her children understand what her life was like with their father and to encourage any woman who is the victim of domestic abuse to fight back.

About the Authos

A native of California, Joy A. Allen now lives in Kelseyville, where she works as a Customer Service Manager at Wal-Mart. She graduated from Montgomery High in Santa Rosa, California, in 1959, and she attended Santa Rosa Junior College and Merced City College for a total of three years. Joy has two children: Jon Simonson and Cari Simonson. After her divorce from Ed, Joy met and married Ray Allen. She is now a widow. In her community, Joy is a lifetime member of the VFW 9896 Ladies Auxiliary in Chowchilla, California. In her spare time, Joy enjoys gardening and crocheting.

(2011, paperback, 64 pages)


Nineteen Years of Living Hell (PDF)
Nineteen Years of Living Hell (PDF)

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