New Days of Glory

New Days of Glory
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New Days of Glory
by Dale E. Arskware

A concerned Osmund Talley compassionately advises a fellow born-again Christian, John Wallis, of rumors spreading in their neighborhood about John and his family. Little did Osmund expect this incident to be a harbinger of insightful conversation of spirituality and new bond of friendship.

In New Days of Glory, we meet the Wallis family, whose strong, born-again Christian beliefs regarding nudity draw criticism based on traditional religious misconceptions.

Osmundís desire to understand the scriptural support on which the Wallises and another nudist Christian family, the Wilsons, base their view, leads non-nudists Osmund and his non-nudist wife, Charlotte, to visit the two families and their children at the Wallisesí outdoor swimming pool. A report of this incident leads to a severe conflict with their pastor and to an unprecedented challenge to the elders.

The Bible does not claim that nudity is sinful. God created man in the expectation he would live nude forever, just as when born. Through Adam and Eveís fall into sin, and through ecclesiastical biases over many centuries, the misconception that nudity is wicked has become widely established.

This book will open new ideas that deny common religious dogma, and will also put to the test oneís interpretation of familiar biblical passages.

Dale E. Arskware was born in Newark, New Jersey, and now resides in Gillete, Wyoming. He earned his bachelorís degree at Queens College and his masters and Ph.D. at New York University.

(2010, paperback, 32)


New Days of Glory (PDF ebook)
New Days of Glory (PDF ebook)

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New Days of Glory (ePub)
New Days of Glory (ePub)

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