The New Creation

The New Creation
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The New Creation
by Sir Moses Puibangara Pitakaka GCMG

Through the ages, God has called upon his servants and prophets to proclaim his message to the people of the world, who have descended from the tribes of Israel. Only those who have been given divine authority by the maker can truly spread his word to the others, and our world is currently populated by many false prophets. In this unique work, the author invokes the spirit of God and takes responsibility for his prophecy. The New Creation stands as a warning sign to the people of the world that the trends in modern societies away from Godís word and his intentions for his people.

About the Author

A retired governor general of the Solomon Islands, Sir Moses Puibangara Pitakaka GCMG currently resides in the same locale. He enjoys reading, bushwalking, fishing, canoeing, and is happily married.

(2011, paperback, 140 pages)


The New Creation (PDF)
The New Creation (PDF)

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