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by Pat Bruch

An unknown illness that took over her body when she was younger rendered Nettie’s arms and hands useless. Paralysis, however, was not able to rob her of her will to live, love, and laugh which were among the reasons she was cherished by her friends, her family, her husband of more than fifty years, and most especially, by her niece. In her book, Pat Bruch shares the inspiring story of her beloved Aunt Nettie and how the woman who lived with multiple handicaps became a strong driving force that helped steer the author to the right direction as she encountered challenges, dealt with heartaches and disappointments, faced responsibilities, and learned important lessons in life.

The story of Nettie is not just about one woman; it also revolves around a family’s bond, a husband’s unconditional love, and a girl’s journey from childhood through adulthood under the guidance of an aunt who became the greatest influence in the her life.

About the Author

Pat Bruch was born and raised in Buffalo, New York, where her Aunt Nettie also lived. She graduated from a Catholic high school and later on pursued a nursing career. She served as a nurse for eight years, caring for dementia patients. She still lives in New York with, Doug, her husband for nearly fifty years.

(2013, Paperback, 118 pages)


Nettie E-Book
Nettie E-Book

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