Nawlens Pla'reens: A New Orleans Story

Nawlens Pla'reens: A New Orleans Story
Item# 978-0-8059-7142-2

by Earl Fleming, Sr.

Journey back to the New Orleans of yesteryear and experience life through the eyes of a six-year-old. Earl Fleming Sr. paints a vivid portrait of the city during the 1930s as he shares the tales of his childhood in Nawlens Pla’reens.

Fleming was a bright and curious child, but he didn’t have much patience for school. Instead, he joined a group of boys – The Five Delightfuls – who skipped school and sang for money in the city. Earl loved to sing, but he still studied in the evenings and managed to keep up with his classmates. He had to work hard to hide his activities from his mama, but in the end he is able to present her with a big surprise.

Fleming’s stories, told with a childlike innocence, recount the adventures of his playmates and family in this delightful book.


Earl Fleming Sr., a native of New Orleans, now lives in Summerville, South Carolina. A widower, he has three children: Sonja Javier, Earleeta Jones, and Earl Fleming Jr. He wanted to write this book to share the message to never give up.

(2006, paperback, 166 pages)


Nawlens Pla'reens: A New Orleans Story [E-book edition]
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