My World of Poetry

My World of Poetry
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My World of Poetry
by Verna Kathleen Molo

With so much beauty in this world, one can easily create exact depiction through poetic words.

Verna Kathleen Molo shares with us fifty-three of her wittily crafted poems with words that effect smile, grin, sadness, helplessness, and a mixture of other human emotions. The subjects tackled are diverse, so you can definitely enjoy reading through lines of war, feasts, celebration, love, and affection—so real and candid that you will find yourself reading them again.

Verna brings simple subjects like having a pet, airport travel, and beautiful days into reality that we can all enjoy. Moreover, there are poems with serious tones, such that of terrorism, oppression, and destruction, that will not only make you think, but will also pierce your heart.

My World of Poetry, by Verna Kathleen Molo, gives you overflowing joy, as well as gloom by just knowing how the poet felt experiencing what those lines mean.

About the Author

Verna Kathleen Molo is a retired nurse with inclination for arts, reading, and her number-one love, poetry. She married her Filipino husband, Antonio, in 1967, and together worked in a doctor-nurse tandem for several years. Retirement has allowed her to develop her creative side, studying arts, modeling, and participating in plays.

Being a devoted nurse, she wants part of the book’s proceeds to go to the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society. Now, she enjoys her time with family and friends.

(2012, hardback, 90 pages)


My World of Poetry (PDF)
My World of Poetry (PDF)

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