My Tears Are in Your Hands

My Tears Are in Your Hands
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My Tears Are in Your Hands
by Tia Mitchell

The beauty of poetry can be observed in the way that the poet can encapsulate his thoughts, anguish or feelings, or observations and ruminations on just about any subject and in just a few words.

In the case of My Tears Are in Your Hands by Tia Mitchell, the lines trick the mind to conjure images, not words, of persistent sighs upon reflection on some familiar despair coexistent with the human situation. I Wish, for example, has this to say:

I wish my road was light it feels like a chase
I wish I had love, someone to feel the empty space.
To sugarcoat my life instead of all the tears,
Pain in my heart that lasts throughout the years.
The harder I try the quicker I fall,
My eyes are closing tightly the world is getting small.
A young single mother trying to put food on the table,
Wishing that my life was a little bit more stable

Neither sullen nor defeatist, My Tears Are in Your Hands is a quiet nudge to those fleeting moments of reflection when we come to bear the brunt of the vexing complexities of the world. More than anything, it is an acknowledgment of the mysterious, ever-persistent creative prowess in man, under any condition.

About the Author

Tia Mitchell was born in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. She is currently working and getting her GED. She now lives in Hermitage and enjoys writing, singing, and spending time with her family during her free time.

(2012, paperback, 32 pages)


My Tears Are in Your Hands (PDF)
My Tears Are in Your Hands (PDF)

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