My Tapestry of Poems

My Tapestry of Poems
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My Tapestry of Poems
by Alice R. Baskin

Author Alice R. Baskin has always loved poetry and writing and because of many changes that have touched her life, she decided to translate some of those changes into poetic words that offer hope and inspiration. It is her desire that My Tapestry of Poems will do just that, and that it will be a force for good bringing out our better angels in return.

Everyone has a gift or talent, and it is the authorís belief that if all of us were to make a contribution of our talents and gifts for the common good of others, the world would be a better place.

About the Author:

Alice R. Baskinís parents were from the south. Because they wanted a better life for her and her siblings, they came to Boston where she was born the youngest of six children. Reading poetry was one of her favorite past times when she was growing up. Other than reading and writing, Alice also enjoys music and art and loves playing the piano.

(2016, Paperback, 36 pages)


My Tapestry of Poems (e-book)
My Tapestry of Poems (e-book)

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