My Slade Phenomenon

My Slade Phenomenon
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My Slade Phenomenon
by Cheryle J. Crockett

In the late 1990s, Cheryle J. Crockett set out to learn everything she could about her ancestors and heritage. This led her through a variety of places and times and brought her in touch with many amazing people as each discovery seemingly led to the next. With this information comes My Slade Phenomenon, a detailed work of Ms. Crockett’s Irish, American-Indian, and African-American ancestors.

Ms. Crockett shares with us the stories she unearthed about her own family, and she also provides us with suggestions for research methods she has found to be particularly effective—and ineffective. The intricate details about her ancestors’ lives show their forced participation in the Trail of Tears, their unwitting involvement in slavery, and their struggles as early immigrants. Various treaties and historical documents are analyzed, specifically in the way they affected Ms. Crockett’s ancestors in terms of personal freedom and land ownership.

Let Ms. Crockett inspire you to research your own family history. You may be surprised—and very pleased—with what you find.


A computer operator from Dunnigan, California, Cheryle J. Crockett has two children, Tony and Tracey, and she enjoys sewing, reading, and gardening.

(2008, paperback, 72 pages)


My Slade Phenomenon [E-book edition]
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