My Side: You Thought You Knew

My Side: You Thought You Knew
Item# 978-0-8059-6217-8

by Fallon L. Taylor-Gray

In My Side: You Thought You Knew, a poetic account of a young black girlís experiences growing up on the streets of Brooklyn, Fallon L. Taylor-Gray writes of:

The scars too deep to heal by far Ė too steep but real enough to grow me. Thoí the streets didnít know me they preached to me boldly. Now I know itís me only with no where to hide and me as my guide, adhering to the cries, no longer shaming from the eyes. In fact, correcting all the lies Ė Itís time for my side!

This compilation offers an intimate and enlightening perspective on life through vivid imagery and terse language. My Side: You Thought You Knew is an emotional and honest reflection of Taylor-Grayís struggles and triumphs.

About the Author: Fallon L. Taylor-Gray lives in Indiana, where she enjoys writing, music, dancing, skating, and body artwork. My Side: You Thought You Knew grew out of a need to express her thoughts and feelings about her own experiences. This is the first published collection of her poetry.

(2003, paperback, 68 pages)


My Side: You Thought You Knew [E-book edition]
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