My Pets and I

My Pets and I
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My Pets and I
by Suzanne E. Mericle

My Pets and I by Suzanne E. Mericle is a wonderfully entertaining compilation of experiences, both happy and sad, from the unique perspective of a true animal lover. These stories are well placed among the life events she shared with her family and friends.

Suzanne E. Mericle is an avid traveler, also providing many informative tidbits from her amazing 88 years, in which she visited all 50 states and 63 countries around the world. All in all, these anecdotes make this work quite an enjoyable read.

About the Author: Suzanne E. Mericle has been blessed by God in many ways. Life goes by very quickly, and she has already celebrated her 88th birthday. She has traveled extensively, visiting no less than 63 different countries. She’s visited all of the United States and most of Canada.

Throughout her life, Suzanne E. Mericle has had and cherished many pets who have helped to inspire My Pets and I. She is a proud mother to a very successful daughter and equally successful granddaughter. She also has two great-grandchildren. She is an avid bingo and bridge player and is often victorious.

Suzanne E. Mericle recognized that, while she has had sadness in her life, she has also had a lot of happiness and has laughed a lot over most experiences. She still enjoys life and will be around to enjoy more. She has done her best at being a mother, a friend, and a helper of others. Most of her dreams have indeed come true.

(2015, Paperback, 120 pages)


My Pets and I
My Pets and I

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