My Mother's Knee and Other Joints

My Mother's Knee and Other Joints
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My Mother’s Knee and Other Joints
by John K. McInerney

“My Mother’s Knee and Other Joints” is a collection of musings, observations, rants, and insights of possible wisdom. With many of the pieces reading as short stories, these pages are designed not just to entertain, but also to provoke thought and growth.

John K. McInerney’s collection touches upon numerous topics with several engaging characters and allegories. There is something within for everyone to connect with.

About the Author:

John K. McInerney hails from San Mateo in the north of California. He is the proud parent to four adult daughters.

McInerney practiced 33 years as a criminal law attorney before retiring. Now, he and his wife continue to travel extensively and are rarely in one place for long. The pair has traveled by boat, plane, and car. Train travel remains on their mutual bucket list.

(2016, Paperback, 250 pages)


My Mother's Knee and Other Joints (e-book)
My Mother's Knee and Other Joints (e-book)

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