My Life Story

My Life Story
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My Life Story
by Shenna Walker

Shenna Walker has definitely been through her share of hardships in life. But no matter what, she has always turned to God, for He has always shown her the light.

My Life Story will surely motivate, encourage, and inspire all of us. It is never too late for change. Success can stem from pain and struggle if we do not lose hope. Push through your barriers and witness your inner “diamond shine.”

About the Author: Shenna Walker has two children and two stepchildren. Her roots stem from a small country town known as Palestine, Arkansas. She was born in an athletic family, and sports, her faith, and academics were her ways of escape to success. After leaving the family nest, she branched off to the University of Arkansas in Arkadelphia, where she graduated with her BS in human services.

Following the completion of her undergraduate degree, Shenna decided to train in the spiritual realm. During that time, she received her license to minister from the proud pastor of the New Bethel M.B. Church in Marianna, Arkansas.

Shenna also currently renders behavioral therapy to adults and youth. She created a nonprofit organization called Shenna’s Mentorship: Giving Back to the Delta, which allows her to give different productive services back to her roots. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in behavioral studies at Capella University and loving the experience.

(2015, Paperback, 40 pages)


My Life Story  [E-BOOK]
My Life Story [E-BOOK]

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