My Home Has Wheels-Please Move Me

My Home Has Wheels-Please Move Me
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My Home Has Wheels - Please Move Me
by Susan R. Henley

The American Dream—most think this is quite elusive. But there are real people who rose above whatever challenges there is and achieve the dream, which to many, just fizzles away with the clouds.

Bobby Henley is a son of sharecropper who quit school on his sixth grade because he was ridiculed for being poor. But he is one kid with a dream. For him, life could offer him something better than what their family is scarcely getting.

Now in his sixties, Bobby is worth two million dollars. He owns a mobile home moving company, a house, a hundred-acre farm, and rental properties. How did it happen? This man’s story is about his journey as a hardworking employee and businessman whose impeccable character is well-known among his peers and clients, and whose stand for what is right took to him to Arkansas’ state capital to ask senators to repeal a fifty-year-old state law that prevented small mobile home moving companies from making business in their home state. This husband and father, who instilled in his children a working ethic that helped them through their lives, will show that any roadblock to one’s success can be overcome if anybody has a will to carry on with that dream. “Why would I want to quit?” he will say.

About the Author

Susan R. Henley is the co-owner of B&S Mobile Home Service, a mobile home moving and transporting company. She is happily married to Bobby G. Henley and they have seven children between them. She has been a resident of Alexander, Arkansas for forty years and has been in the mobile home moving business for thirty-two years.

(2012, paperback, 108 pages)


My Home Has Wheels-Please Move Me (PDF)
My Home Has Wheels-Please Move Me (PDF)

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