My Corner: My Time

My Corner: My Time
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My Corner: My Time
by A. Albert Allan

As one enters the ages between 70 and 80 one reaches a milestone and enters their golden years. While a milestone, entering the 70-80 age bracket comes with serious questions.

As we age, many become less and less independent, although the desire to be so does not diminish. Simple pleasures and loved activities are not as effortlessly done nor are they as pleasantly experienced. The life changes experienced in the 70-80 year milestone initiate the question of mortality. When do we accept it? More importantly, when and will society allow us to ask this question of ourselves?

About the Author:

A. Albert Allan graduated as valedictorian of his high school class in 1962. In 1967 he finished college and began work within the agricultural industry. In 1975 he purchased an orchard operation that he continues to farm presently. In 1988 A. Albert Allan earned an M.B.A. degree and began management of agricultural operations until his retirement in 2014.

A. Albert Allan enjoys working together with Mother Nature, endeavoring each year to seek satisfaction in providing commercial food source for the population to eat and enjoy.

Now, with the publication of My Corner: My Time, A. Albert Allan hopes to instigate discussion for the social acceptance of the individual’s right to declare their own life-ending sequence.

(2015, Paperback, 76 pages)


My Corner: My Time (e-book)
My Corner: My Time (e-book)

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